The human mind is a formative element in our everyday as well as professional life. Thus, it is the human being that creates innovation and implements it. It’s ultimately the human who is the limiting but also driving factor.

Nowadays, projects are becoming more complex, larger and more global and the requirements are increasing at the same time drastically.

The lack of experts prevents IT teams from meeting the increasing demands, but business processes and services still have to be digitized.

In the age of Digitalization, significant changes are imminent in your company. These have to be identified and implemented competently and efficiently.

JPL Consulting GmbH is a management consultancy for strategic, international IT projects.
Perform real-time processes and analysis with SAP S/4 Hana.
The uncertainty in the global business field due to the digital transformation is great, including the rapid introduction of technologies and the development of new business fields.
Availability wherever you are: Keep your data available for every event in the cloud.
With an outsourced IT service, the team strength can be controlled flexibel after a ramp-up phase and the on-boarding process.
Each individual contract is set up as an independent service stream within which the contractor provides support in accordance with the agreed conditions and fills the projects with the required roles and skills.

When purchasing managed services, the focus is more and more on integrating the external partner into the deep structures of the company and not only as one of many service providers or suppliers.

This ensures that partners get the flexibility they need to create and drive innovation.

Digitalization is more than just transparency and fast process paths. For many companies it is essentially about remaining competitive in the market.

You can achieve this with your increasingly complex IT by centralizing your systems.

Therefore, it is essential to design the project planning efficiently and goal-oriented, including of course the technical project know-how by competent personnel whose provision is guaranteed by JPL Consulting.


JPL Consulting has almost two decades of experience in project management, which you will find bundled on demand.
We provide you with national and international competencies and plan them for your project’s success.