Since my early childhood efficiency is important to me. This setting accompanies me since my studies and remains until today. Efficiency means cost optimal and structural sustainable use of resources and is based on my believe that you can always do a little better.

– If you can describe the status quo, you can optimize it –

This guiding principle helps me since the beginning of my consulting work to deliver the IT projects of my customers not only in “time and budget” but also with the very best result.

After almost 20 years as an expert in the project business of international and interdisciplinary teams you develop a set of “best practices” and methodologies. Those standard approaches are the guarantee for quality and reliability to achieve the commonly set aims.

Efficiency is what drives me and the will to change.

Jan P. Langen

  • TUI AG, Hannover
  • Postbank AG, Bonn
  • Deutsche Post DHL, Bonn
  • Suzlon Energy Ltd., Rostock
  • AOK Niedersachsen, Hannover
  • Lufthansa Technik AG, Hamburg
  • T-Systems International AG, Leinfelden
  • Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn
  • Vodafone Group Plc
  • APCOA Autoparking AG
  • MHP, a Porsche Company

As a young man I had the desire to work with my hands, and above all creatively with my head. I was of the opinion that the profession as a cook enabled me to do just that. I wanted to experiment with flavours, combine products and create a special experience for the senses of my customers.

24 years ago, this industry was not ready for innovative exotics like me. Nevertheless, during my training I learned a lot about my abilities, especially about the fact that I enjoy complex processes and their development in a team very much and that I am good at them.

Today I’m in my forties and changed a bit of my patina and over time I’ve got a few dents.

I guess we call that character.

In the end, this means that I have gained a lot of experience, have become more prudent and, what is most important, in the past 15 years as an independent management consultant, I have gained a lot of perseverance, prudence and sovereignty.

But one thing has not changed.

I am passionate about every project, see challenges as opportunities and look forward to working in interdisciplinary, international teams on a daily basis.

  • Deutsche Wertpapier Service Bank, Regulatorik, Frankfurt am Main
  • Roche Diabetes Care GmbH, Mannheim
  • Roche Diabetes Care GmbH, Barcelona – St. Cugat – Spain
  • Deutsche Bank AG TZE, Eschborn
  • OMRON Medizintechnik Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Mannheim
  • arvato Systems, Gütersloh (a Bertelsmann company)
  • arvato Hightech, Istanbul – Turkey (a Bertelsmann company)
  • Tchibo GmbH, Hamburg
  • Panasonic Europe Ltd., Hamburg

When providing the service, JPL Consulting acts end-to-end as a central SPoC (Single Point of Contact) for the client. By deploying international teams from the various partners, the customer’s own IT costs are sustainably reduced, and efficiency is increased.