“Your needs are our standards”

Services for the client are provided on the basis of an established organisational model.
Each individual contract is set up as an independent service stream within which the contractor provides support in accordance with the agreed conditions and fills the projects with the required roles and skills.

Due to increasing company sizes as well as cross-country cooperation, projects are nowadays becoming more and more complex. This in turn leads to increasing requirements.

The lack of experts prevents IT teams from meeting increasing demands; digitalization of business processes and services can help to bring a reduction.

In the age of digitalization, significant changes are imminent in every company. These have to be identified and implemented in a competent and efficient matter.

When implementing IT Services and Solutions to achieve the goal of reducing work, the focus needs to lie on a full integration of the partner into the internal structures. This ensures that partners get the flexibility they need to create and drive innovation.

Digitalization is more than just transparency and a fast process path. For many companies it is essential to remain competitive in the market.

While IT landscapes are getting increasingly complex, you can still achieve this by centralizing your systems.

Thus, it is essential to design the project planning from the beginning in the most efficient and goal-oriented manner.

JPL Consulting has almost two decades of experience in project management which we offer you at all times of your demand.

We provide you with the best competencies, bundled within JPL as well by taking into account our experts and coordination of all resources for your projects’ success.

The services offered are geared to your individual requirements and include Statement of Work models as well as Managed Service contracts.

The Statement of Work model which is result-driven, offers a high degree of certainty when it comes to cost planning and timelines. We as JPL take care of the complex and extensive aspects of the projects as this part is an integral part of our service.

Within Managed Service we take responsibility for the performance of the requested service to ensure your desired service quality and availability to be delivered. This again leads to security regarding costs, timelines and a high quality. Thus, with this model you can outsource IT business processes such as 1st, 2nd or 3rd Level Support.

When providing the service, JPL Consulting acts end-to-end as a central SPoC (Single Point of Contact) for the client. By deploying international teams from the various partners, the customer’s own IT costs are sustainably reduced, and efficiency is increased.