We provide certified Integration and Development specialists.

To enable a seamless integration of applications in the cloud, integrations platforms and tools of software companies like Mulesoft, Informatica, Tibco or IBM are required.

The speed and success of an implementation is depending of experts with the right skillset to design the architecture, develop API- Interfaces and secure the an efficient operation.

Those experts are hardly to get in Germany because the demand exceeds by far the offer.

We are specialized in delivering certified integration experts across borders to cover this high and still increasing demand.

Already today our database counts more than 150 highly skilled Integrations experts from different countries in the world and with different experience levels.

These days the experts work manly remote because of the existing travel limitations. But in general, also longer on-site assignments are possible.

We offer both, individual experts for a specific task and complete project teams to cover a more comprehensive scope. Skills range in the following areas but are not limited to this:

▪ Architecture
▪ Development
▪ API Design
▪ Support
▪ Trouble Shooting
▪ DevOps

Our global team of cloud computing experts can help you implement the right cloud and services for your business, regardless of which phase of the project your business is in.