Managed IT Service and Solutions make sure that after a ramp-up phase and a fully managed on-boarding process, the team strength can be controlled flexible to remain highly scalable. Whole IT business processes as well as individual IT projects can be handled by Managed IT Services and Solutions.

Your needs are our standard.

Services for the client are provided on basis of an established organizational model.

Each individual contract is set up as an independent service stream within which the contractor provides the service in accordance with the agreed conditions and fills the projects with the required roles and skills.

A support team manager who is supported if required by a core team on site is in direct coordination with the client and controls an international service team in the background (near- or off-shore), which can act flexibly according to the service or project requirement. The concrete elaboration of the service stream depends significantly on the overall performance requested.

In larger teams of more than 5 FTEs, synergies can be better used, and cost reduction is higher compared to smaller setups. Irrespective of this, a project can always be set up from one FTE onwards and then scaled.

In the sense of an agile organization, the Managed Service guarantees Service provider maximum flexibility and efficiency without losing the necessary proximity to the customer or a loss in quality.

An established service can also be returned to the customer after an initial production phase of at least six months, even though the cooperation is basically geared towards a long-term partnership. The profit lies in purchasing!