The requirements for an “Application Support SAP” will be used as an example to illustrate the cost savings that a client from Germany can achieve with the organizational model of JPL Consulting.

In an SAP project of medium size, the following cost calculation results from a complete occupation of the project from Germany over 2 years:

In the following example, an off-site project team is set up in a ratio of 1:3 by exclusively renowned and in this case certified SAP consulting firms, which is controlled by a service team manager and core team on site in Germany:

In the above example, the client could have achieved savings of more than 1 Million Euros or could have implemented new projects with more than 2,000 consultant days by reducing the average daily rate by approximately 34% to 540 euros.

The prerequisite for this is the application of the organizational model described above, in which an international team together with a core team provides the services as a managed service at the customers’ site.