Perform real-time processes and analysis with SAP S/4 Hana.

Companies are faced with the challenge of converting the complete system landscape to SAP S / 4 Hana, the new SAP database.

SAP has been used by many companies for decades, but mostly on different systems, each of which represents a separate system in its own.

Businesses need to replace current existing databases, and this switch represents a challenge since the transition to the new S/4 Hana database needs to be uninterrupted to keep e.g. productive systems running.

Alternatively, you start with a Greenfield approach, by simulating that SAP hasn’t been used and, thus, re-set the system.

We provide you with the possibility of a safe conversion, by making sure that you get the best competencies, bundled within JPL and delivered in a full IT Service and Solution.

We support you with your SAP projects with talents from
all over the world, available, cost efficient.